This site was originally set-up to host the BedsHour branding files which has been gifted to the community.  Like the branding, this site is also gifted to the BedsHour community.

Powered by WordPress and integrated with Twitter thanks to some WLD magic; any Twitter user can login to this site immediately without having to register or be approved.  Once logged in, users can edit all the pages and posts à la Wikipedia – even pages and posts that were made by other users.

Because this site is fully open and editable by anyone, what it becomes is entirely determined by you and anybody else who may wish to edit it.  You are free, able and encouraged to get stuck in and use it however you would like and however you feel is right.

Some uses for the site we hope might happen:

  • An introduction to BedsHour showing newbies how to get involved
  • A shared content repository related to BedsHour and Bedfordshire (images, video, audio)
  • Somewhere to leave announcements and messages that don’t scroll away so quick
  • Easy place to create forms, documents and clever tools to make our lives easier
  • An organised and searchable collection of information, links, events, profiles and more
  • Content you wish to link to from your tweets when you need more space
  • Blog posts to drive more traffic to your own website, blogs and other projects
  • Some exciting things we haven’t even thought of yet

We really hope you have new, unique and maybe even exciting things to contribute and you decide to give it a go.  The site is yours, go wild!  We expect in a few weeks the entire thing will be renamed Bedsy McBedshourface.


The only non-Twitter account set-up on this site is used for WordPress upgrades and maintenance, beyond posting the initial few pages.  If you wish to have access to the administrator account please contact WLD, we will be happy for people to take over or contribute to this role and would only ask you have been a BedsHour contributor for some months and have some previous WordPress maintenance experience.