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What is BedsHour?

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What is this site?

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10 Reasons All Businesses Need a Website & Digital Marketing

10 Reasons All Businesses Need a Website & Digital Marketing

Every importance should carry a reason otherwise the importance will not be understood. Wide range of information is available to convey the importance of having a website and use digital marketing for the business but still, it needs the reasons for clear understanding. Here we see 10 reasons all businesses need a website & digital marketing.

10 Reasons All Businesses Need a Website & Digital Marketing

#1 –Connect with customers

Large number of people have started spending more time online.

Website is the place where you will connect with the customers to make them aware of your business and its services/products. Digital marketing is the best way to bring the audience to the website.

#2 – Information Centre

Digital presence has become more popular that people would like to get answers, check products and buy different goods. Website is a place where you would put & update every important information of your business and with successful digital marketing, you will be able to optimize the information to attract and convert the audience into customers.

#3 – Testimonials

Website is the right place where you can have valuable testimonials about your business, products,and services. Testimonials increase your credibility. With right digital marketing strategy, you will be able to take the testimonies to social media pages and in other digital presence of your business.

#4 – Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of having a website and practicing digital marketing. Leads are the audiences at reachable. When it comes to digital marketing, different types of lead generation techniques are there but website is the beginning or the base for lead generation.

#5 –Build exposure

In this digital age, it is not feasible to build exposure for the business without having a website. Exposure will be developed when the business is taken to online presence and making it more popular using digital marketing.

#6 – Higher Sales

Traditional ads and marketing techniques are vanishing. Digital marketing has become more popular especially because of reaching the people across various platforms. Digital marketing enables refined process to acquire more leads. Obviously more leads results in higher sales.

#7 –Achieving the target

Every business has target audiences. As the digital world is vast and fast, you are not going to cast the net generally but on the target. You need a website and suitable digital marketing strategy to reach the target audience.

#8 – Cutting the costs

Do not have to worry about the budget, setting up a professional website and deploying digital marketing is not costly. Spending on a website and in digital marketing is a diligent investment that you make for your business. You will reap huge benefits for low-cost investment.


#9–Global Audience

If you own a website for your business then your brand or product is globally available. Obviously, global audience can walk into your business website. Your reach grows global. At the same time, digital marketing is not limited to local. Think about it as digital marketing takes your business to audience across different countries and brings global audience.

#10 –Customer support

Having a website for your business is the easier way to provide best customer support/service. Customers can easily reach you by visiting your business website and get their queries answered, clarified and get served on request. After all, customer satisfaction is more important and website opens the avenues to achieve it.


Source 10 Reasons All Businesses Need a Website & Digital Marketing

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Pure Heart Ladies VIP Night

This Friday is our Fashion Show – Ladies VIP Night.
Friday 1st December.
We have some Fabulous Stalls. We would love you to come!
£5 per ticket, which includes Fashion Show, Bubbly (or soft drink) & a mince pie, Nibbles to accompany ‘BYO booze’ too. 
Our Raffle This year is for JDRF – Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, as a little girl very close to our hearts was diagnosed earlier this year she is only 7. Doors open at 7. Contact me directly for tickets. ) 7909 913 468
Address for the event is Oakey Village Hall 27 Church Lane. MK437RJ

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Walking on fire

Hi all

As some of you know Ali Moore, Bron Webster and myself will be walking on hot embers this September to raise funds for the MS Therapy Centre in Bedford.

The centre is funded exclusively through donations and fund raising and costs over £1,000a day to run. We would love to receive any sponsorship donations for this fab cause.




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BedsHour kiki

You’re cordially invited to network with local small business owners a tweetup with a difference!  We’re trying something new, fun and relaxed to network in a no-pressure setting with friends old and new. We’re also celebrating our new home at 44 Harpur Street and would love for you to join us and see what it’s all about.  Let’s have a jolly good catch-up with each other as well as welcome new friends who run local small businesses. Monday 7th August, 7pm to 10pm. 44 Harpur Street, Bedford, MK40 2QT. Booking is essential (see button below) and it costs just a fiver for all this:

  • Prosecco
  • Wine
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Tea
  • Desserts
  • Music
  • Fun & games
  • Exciting announcements
This event has ended, thanks to everyone who attended


See you soon, and don’t forget to bring plenty of bizcards!

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We’re back!

Growth Hacking & Business Mastermind workshop is back!

It’s been a small while since our last workshop due to the sad and unexpected closure of the business parlour, but we’re delighted to announce that our new workshop is scheduled for 22nd June. This is a workshop that will actually benefit your business same-day!

Growth Hack UK logo

Growth Hack UK presents Bedfordshire’s premier growth hacking and business mastermind event.  Limited to 8 attendees who are all SME business owners, you will be taking some time away from your daily routine to work on your business not in your business.

The workshop is split in to three parts…

Business Mastermind – bring your business problems and share them with the group to leave with lots of different ideas and perspectives on how you can solve them.  Listen to the problems that other business owners are facing and share your experience and ideas to help them.  Somebody else has probably solved the problems you face and knows how to get the most of the opportunities you have, so get a short-cut to success from the collective group experience.  Discuss what your business does and let the group ask you questions about it.  Let them come up with ideas on things you can do to grow your business, improve sales, reduce costs and increase efficiency.  Often these are things you haven’t even thought about!  Get a fresh unbiased perspective on what’s holding you back.

Lunch – a picnic hamper lunch is included with the workshop, and you also get unlimited tea and coffee for the duration, worth the price of the ticket alone! Om nom nom!

Growth Hacking – decide one thing you could do in just 1 hour to benefit your business there and then, work on it and complete it for immediate results before you leave!  Try a suggestion made by somebody in the mastermind or do something you need assistance with, everyone else will help you.  Bring one secret that has helped your business and share it with the group, and in return leave with several other invaluable secrets that you can use to propel and grow your business quickly in new and exciting ways.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to make the most of a few hours for your business.  Silence your phone, ignore your inbox and spend some time focusing on your own business, it deserves your attention once in a while.

Arrive as strangers, leave as friends.

Tickets: https://growthhackuk.eventbrite.co.uk

Website: https://growth-hack.uk

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Stay Connected

Hi Bedshour lovelies. I wanted to let you know you can now sign up to my mailing list from my homepage.


Please sign up if you would like to receive my blog direct to you inbox and any other exciting news from behind the scenes at JuliaVDesign. I promise not to spam you with emails every day and you can always unsubscribe.

Thanks everyone.


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Women Achieving Milton Keynes Launch Night

Welcome to Milton Keynes Monthly Achieving Club!

Goals / Resolutions and Fresh Starts!

Come and join a informal monthly get together of like minded women in which we explore a different topics in our lives.

Members come from all walks of life and are juggling many responsibilities – achieving is defined in many different ways for all of us. This group gives support , the opportunity to share experiences and take part in the monthly discussion.

For our launch meeting I have chosen a topic all about how we make goals , break them , start over and achieve our dreams.

  • Do you always plan everything?
  • Do you make a fresh start at the begining of the year , start of the week , new season?
  • What helps you stay focused and turn your goals into achievements?
  • What have you got planned for this year and how can we help each other to be successful?

As always the club will be full of discussion and some creative ways to look at what Goals mean to you.

So come along and get involved in the Bemoore world. Bemoore is a growing community of women and provides a platform for you to meet new people and take some time for you!

Parking is available throughout the local area and light refreshments will be provided.


Dream More – See More and Be .. whatever you want to be !


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Christmas Tweetup

Each time I go to a Tweetup, I have the best intentions to write about it and then life in that way creeps up on you and gets in the way.

So here I am writing about it now while I can. (Yep at 6 to midnight. I’m writing a blog post).

The Tweetup Invite

Our Tweetup this time was hosted by Emma and the lovely team at the Pavilion at the Park (if you’re not following them on Twitter they are @bedfordpavilion). The menu was grazing boards with the intention that we could all sit down and keep networking and chatting while eating.

Anwyn (Evie and Lola) suggested that rather than us each stand up and talk about our own businesses (which in all honesty can be terrifying around new people!) we would tell the person to our left who would then stand up and talk about us and our business. I was sat with Emma to my right so I stood up and spoke about her, the Pavilion, the Kiosk in the Park and her a few other things that I could remember and we had discussed while tucking into our meal.



The grazing boards were lovely with lots of different bits to choose from and our two gluten free people were also well catered for (I believe! They might tell me differently!). My favourite was the pigs in blankets (made with proper size sausages rather than chipolata sausages) or the halloumi sticks. My favourite from the desserts would be the mincemeat crumble although I did smuggle home a piece of gluten free chocolate brownie for my husband (especially as he then played taxi for me to get home).

As it was Christmas we had a Secret Santa, the theme for the swap was “What is your small business must have?” I received a lovely big mug and two sachets of tea from Q at Nothing but Tea. I would tell you what I gave but that might give away the game unless my person has guessed who gave it to them. (If you want to know send me a tweet @daisy_media).

Along with that the “dress code” for the evening included Christmas jumpers. I was going to wear my “fair isle” style Christmas jumper that I actually bought two Christmases ago but I put it on and it was making my arms itch (how random!) so before I left the house I went to raid my husband’s wardrobe and stole his Christmas jumper for the evening which is actually more Christmassy overall!


However, I think the winner of the best Christmas jumper had to be Paul from White Label Dev. It had a little pouch for his phone so that he could play a log fire video on his phone and this appeared in the fireplace on the jumper.

Overall it was great food with great company. Once Christmas is over, I wIll have to start on the next Tweetup maybe?


Hi there! I’m Hannah and I run Daisy Media. Whether you need help getting started or someone to manage your social media presence, just drop me an email and we can get chatting about your requirements. When I’m not running my business, I blog, crochet, knit, creative journal and any with lots of stickers!

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