I Am Strong Motivational Mugs

I Am Strong motivational mugs

Designed with your favourite I Am Strong slogan of – “Strong is a mindset…not just how you take your coffee”, our fun and stylish motivational mug and spoon sets are just what you need to brighten things up. Looking for a quirky, inspirational, fun and unique gift? Looking for something a little standout to keep you company while you work? These mugs are guaranteed to make you smile.

Motivational mugs to go!
With the design commissioned by I Am Strong, you won’t find the same motivational mugs anywhere else.  Yours will be unique – guaranteed! Available in red, black, blue and pink, each mug comes with it’s own cheeky spoon that slots right into the mug handle.

We are intending to bring out a new motivational mug design every six months. This first ‘Strong is a mindset…not just how you take your coffee’ design is a limited edition and going fast at just £15 + pp each.

To place your order, whether you would like 1 or enough for the entire office, please email sarah@strongcoaching.co.uk.  Alternatively you can purchase online in the I Am Strong Store.


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