Walking on fire

Hi all

As some of you know Ali Moore, Bron Webster and myself will be walking on hot embers this September to raise funds for the MS Therapy Centre in Bedford.

The centre is funded exclusively through donations and fund raising and costs over £1,000a day to run. We would love to receive any sponsorship donations for this fab cause.




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Stay Connected

Hi Bedshour lovelies. I wanted to let you know you can now sign up to my mailing list from my homepage.


Please sign up if you would like to receive my blog direct to you inbox and any other exciting news from behind the scenes at JuliaVDesign. I promise not to spam you with emails every day and you can always unsubscribe.

Thanks everyone.


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Hi all,

As I’m sure many of you know I’m Julia from JuliaVdesign. I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer with a love of all things print. I’m based here in Bedford and after 10 years of working for some lovely companies full time I’ve decide to take the plunge and begin the adventure of being my own boss.

If you would like to see some of my previous work take a look at my website www.juliavdesign.co.uk

Looking forward to getting to know you all over on #bedshour!


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