Let’s get down to business!

lets get down to business

Let’s get down to business

Fridays – 44 Harpur Street – come along!

‘Strong’ will be available all day to give you taster coaching sessions, discuss what you are looking to achieve but struggling to move on, support you to plan and strategise on (not in) your business and make business coaching better understood and more widely accessible to all business owners and team managers in Bedford.

If you would like to know more then there is more information here otherwise just pop in and have a chat over some tea and quite possibly a salted caramel brownie…

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Sarah x

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So what exactly is business coaching?

business coaching

Optimising business performance to increase revenue

Business coaching, business performance coaching, executive coaching, C-Suite coaching – however you term it – is all about optimising business performance in order to increase revenue. It is about ensuring that every area of a business is aligned in the direction of operating smartly, efficiently and at maximum productivity.

Business coaching starts with you, the business owner, before working with line managers and other employees if you so wish. Coaching is about accelerating achievement and by bringing in a coach to your business, you will benefit from not only an impartial sounding board, but a fresh pair of eyes. A business coach will ask you the questions that you probably avoid asking yourself; they will support you to prioritise, to delegate, to make key decisions and to generate the momentum you need to move your business forward.

You know your business best

You know your business better than anyone and a coach is not there to advise or to tell you what to do next. A coach is there to draw the best answers and decisions out of you, and fast. A coach is there to support you to take your business forward in a planned and structured way.

How do you know you will get results?

Working with a coach ensures that you are committed, focused and accountable to achieving the goals that you set together. Even working with as few as 6 coaching session over a period of 3 months. business owners can achieve significant improvements in levels of turnover, productivity, new business in the pipeline and more efficient operations. Even by session 4, you will notice a marked shift in your approach and mind set, feeling reinvigorated to succeed. Coaching is a proven and powerful performance accelerator.

How will you and your business benefit from working with a coach?

1. Gain an impartial sounding board.

2. Add a secret weapon to your ‘Team Me’.

3. Grow the confidence to make solid decisions.

4. Learn how to value and optimise your time by delegating and outsourcing.

5. Understand how to motivate employees and increase productivity.

6. Develop a strategic plan and stick to it.

7. Set targets, goals and milestones to track progress.

8. Ensure that you are working smart in all areas.

9. Develop the ability to trust your own judgement.

10. Achieve targets that you didn’t think possible.


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If you would like us to work with you to optimise your business performance then we have packages on offer here. Everything we do is bespoke so if there is something specific you would like to work on, please get in touch.

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