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How’s your marketing going?

The reason I ask is because marketing is pretty much the life blood of any business; whether it’s word of mouth, social media, email marketing, advertising or something else. If you’re one of those fortunate business owners with a strong network of connections, marketing can sometimes happen accidentally but at some point if you want to accelerate the growth of your business, you’ll have to be intentional about it.

Marketing is crucial to business success. It’s about getting people who have a need related to your business, to know, like and trust you enough to buy and refer what you sell – that’s what I do.

My name is Katrina Douglas, I’m a Chartered Marketer based in Bedfordshire with over 10 years marketing experience developing marketing strategy and building brands. This included 4 years as UK Head of Marketing for 1&1 Internet Ltd., a global leader in web hosting and domains, and trusted technology partner for small businesses. I now run my own business Katrina Douglas Marketing providing 3 core services:

  • Marketing Training
    For those who want to learn how to market and promote their business successfully themselves.
  • Marketing Coaching
    For those who have business ideas and need help to filter through them, commercialise them and focus on next steps.
  • Marketing Consultancy
    For established businesses who need a marketing expert to develop and put a marketing strategy in place.

My business is essentially to help you build your business.

I don’t believe anyone ever achieves greatness on their own, we all have a little help along the way, and through the services that I provide at Katrina Douglas Marketing I aim to be one of those helping hands.

So if you need a marketing consultant, coach or trainer there’s no time like the present to get in touch and secure a free consultation.

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