10 Reasons All Businesses Need a Website & Digital Marketing

10 Reasons All Businesses Need a Website & Digital Marketing

Every importance should carry a reason otherwise the importance will not be understood. Wide range of information is available to convey the importance of having a website and use digital marketing for the business but still, it needs the reasons for clear understanding. Here we see 10 reasons all businesses need a website & digital marketing.

10 Reasons All Businesses Need a Website & Digital Marketing

#1 –Connect with customers

Large number of people have started spending more time online.

Website is the place where you will connect with the customers to make them aware of your business and its services/products. Digital marketing is the best way to bring the audience to the website.

#2 – Information Centre

Digital presence has become more popular that people would like to get answers, check products and buy different goods. Website is a place where you would put & update every important information of your business and with successful digital marketing, you will be able to optimize the information to attract and convert the audience into customers.

#3 – Testimonials

Website is the right place where you can have valuable testimonials about your business, products,and services. Testimonials increase your credibility. With right digital marketing strategy, you will be able to take the testimonies to social media pages and in other digital presence of your business.

#4 – Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of having a website and practicing digital marketing. Leads are the audiences at reachable. When it comes to digital marketing, different types of lead generation techniques are there but website is the beginning or the base for lead generation.

#5 –Build exposure

In this digital age, it is not feasible to build exposure for the business without having a website. Exposure will be developed when the business is taken to online presence and making it more popular using digital marketing.

#6 – Higher Sales

Traditional ads and marketing techniques are vanishing. Digital marketing has become more popular especially because of reaching the people across various platforms. Digital marketing enables refined process to acquire more leads. Obviously more leads results in higher sales.

#7 –Achieving the target

Every business has target audiences. As the digital world is vast and fast, you are not going to cast the net generally but on the target. You need a website and suitable digital marketing strategy to reach the target audience.

#8 – Cutting the costs

Do not have to worry about the budget, setting up a professional website and deploying digital marketing is not costly. Spending on a website and in digital marketing is a diligent investment that you make for your business. You will reap huge benefits for low-cost investment.


#9–Global Audience

If you own a website for your business then your brand or product is globally available. Obviously, global audience can walk into your business website. Your reach grows global. At the same time, digital marketing is not limited to local. Think about it as digital marketing takes your business to audience across different countries and brings global audience.

#10 –Customer support

Having a website for your business is the easier way to provide best customer support/service. Customers can easily reach you by visiting your business website and get their queries answered, clarified and get served on request. After all, customer satisfaction is more important and website opens the avenues to achieve it.


Source 10 Reasons All Businesses Need a Website & Digital Marketing

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BedsHour kiki

You’re cordially invited to network with local small business owners a tweetup with a difference!  We’re trying something new, fun and relaxed to network in a no-pressure setting with friends old and new. We’re also celebrating our new home at 44 Harpur Street and would love for you to join us and see what it’s all about.  Let’s have a jolly good catch-up with each other as well as welcome new friends who run local small businesses. Monday 7th August, 7pm to 10pm. 44 Harpur Street, Bedford, MK40 2QT. Booking is essential (see button below) and it costs just a fiver for all this:

  • Prosecco
  • Wine
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Tea
  • Desserts
  • Music
  • Fun & games
  • Exciting announcements
This event has ended, thanks to everyone who attended


See you soon, and don’t forget to bring plenty of bizcards!

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Introducing Ocean Print Solutions

Ocean Print Solutions is a full design and print company based in the Bedfordshire countryside.

Established in 2001, our company’s vision has always been the same, to produce quality products with quality service and value for money.

We offer a personalised service for each and every client, and our friendly team of experts are always on hand to answer queries.  We have worked with a variety of clients from small start-ups to multi-national companies, and in many different industry sectors. Whatever size your company is our aim is always to work along-side you, building your brand and achieving your goals.

Our core services are:

Design & Artwork
Website Design & Hosting
Digital Print
Large Format Printm
Litho Print
Vehicle Graphics

Why not take a look at our website for more information www.oceanprint.com, give us a call on 01234 381035 or fill out the form below to enquire.

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Stanmore IP – A little hello and how I can help you!

Stanmore IP logo


I’m Clare (@stanmoreip) and I’ve been running my business, Stanmore IP, since January 2015. Prior to that I worked at a large multi-national law firm as well as at specialist IP firms and in-house at Unilever. I live and work in the beautiful North Bedfordshire countryside, although I do also cross the border into Buckinghamshire and work in my husband’s office space in Olney. I have two young children, both girls, who keep me very busy with the essentials in life of soft play, sticker books, Disney films, cake and ice cream.

I am a UK and European (for now!) trade mark attorney. I advise lots of businesses of varying shapes and sizes on how to protect their brands, get the most out of them through licensing or franchising, as well as providing advice on domain name protection and enforcement, design protection and copyright issues. I work with businesses in loads of different sectors, including art, charities, fashion, food & drink, financial services, graphic designers, education providers, hotels and retail.

I love #BedsHour for the networking and the shared information. I’m notoriously late as I’m usually at a fitness class until 9pm (that’s the official excuse – in fact usually I’m catching up on work!).

If you have any queries you think I might be able to help with, please get in touch. I spend far too much time online and can be found on Twitter, Facebook,Instagram and LinkedIn so please feel free to connect in any/all of those ways!

PS my usual working days are Tuesday and Wednesday so please bear with me if I take a little while to respond outside of those days.

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Help to accelerate the growth of your Bedfordshire business

How’s your marketing going?

The reason I ask is because marketing is pretty much the life blood of any business; whether it’s word of mouth, social media, email marketing, advertising or something else. If you’re one of those fortunate business owners with a strong network of connections, marketing can sometimes happen accidentally but at some point if you want to accelerate the growth of your business, you’ll have to be intentional about it.

Marketing is crucial to business success. It’s about getting people who have a need related to your business, to know, like and trust you enough to buy and refer what you sell – that’s what I do.

My name is Katrina Douglas, I’m a Chartered Marketer based in Bedfordshire with over 10 years marketing experience developing marketing strategy and building brands. This included 4 years as UK Head of Marketing for 1&1 Internet Ltd., a global leader in web hosting and domains, and trusted technology partner for small businesses. I now run my own business Katrina Douglas Marketing providing 3 core services:

  • Marketing Training
    For those who want to learn how to market and promote their business successfully themselves.
  • Marketing Coaching
    For those who have business ideas and need help to filter through them, commercialise them and focus on next steps.
  • Marketing Consultancy
    For established businesses who need a marketing expert to develop and put a marketing strategy in place.

My business is essentially to help you build your business.

I don’t believe anyone ever achieves greatness on their own, we all have a little help along the way, and through the services that I provide at Katrina Douglas Marketing I aim to be one of those helping hands.

So if you need a marketing consultant, coach or trainer there’s no time like the present to get in touch and secure a free consultation.

Have a great week,

Free consultation

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